Thursday, June 19, 2008

Reflective Learning

I'm really enjoying connecting all the learning in my classes together for the last two semesters. I'm able to use so much of each class in the others- partly because I chose them that way, and partly because of serendipity.

In my reflective learning class, we were...well, learning about how we learn, and the biological basis of learning. I had to do a final paper and did it on Spiritual Intelligence. I am not sure how much I buy of the science behind it, and there doesn't seem to be too much current research that I can put my fingers on, other than by Sisk, but it was neat to connect the idea of the God Spot, SQ, Multiple Intelligences, and biology together in one big theory about whether SQ exists, and if so, how we can improve upon it individually and collectively. Once I get my grade, maybe I'll post it here, if anyone is interested.

Have any readers out there done any research/reading on this?

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