Thursday, July 7, 2011

Snapping back

I've been feeling a bit otherwordly since the fire; not myself. Not focused or able to figure out what next.

Then on Sunday, my 12 year old fell out of a tree and broke her arm, requiring surgery and a 2-3 day hospital stay. Two nights of NO sleep, followed by 2 nights of solid sleep seem to have snapped me back into my body finally.

There's something sad and funny about a child who cannot open jello by herself. Vicodin makes her have a mental functioning delay of about 10 seconds too. Poor chook. She has been in so much pain; it's a relief to have her be even a little silly.

My youngest two are feeling the trauma of being displaced from our home. They are desperately homesick, and tired of sleeping on a pull out couch in the living room of our hotel suite. Lucy cried herself to sleep tonight, missing her bed :(.

I am looking at two rental houses tomorrow, and am hopeful that one of them will be a match. There's a third I am waiting to schedule that is a block from our home church, so that would be wonderful too!

I seem to be unable to think about seminary or church much at all, though I have sudden spurts of inspiration and functionality. So I take the kids to the hotel pool a lot and read junk fiction. I think I'm due.

I am eternally grateful for the monetary donations that have allowed my husband to be off work so much, to deal with the insurance and watch our other kids while our 12 year old was in the hospital. I am grateful for friends who watch my kids, who bring me food, who brought me toothpaste and a sweater in the ER. I am grateful for the calls, emails, prayers. I cannot even express it all. You all know who you are.



Robin Edgar said...

"Two nights of NO sleep, followed by 2 nights of solid sleep seem to have snapped me back into my body finally."

Interestingly enough Kelly, a certain amount of sleep deprivation has been known to snap people of depression. Is it possible that your "otherworldly" feeling was what some might call a "funk"? Maybe you were in a bit off a state of shock too and the sleep deprivation, followed by some solid sleep, helped snap you out of that. I personally believe that getting at least six hours of sleep per night should be a basic human right but I also recognize that *sometimes* some sleep deprivation can actually be beneficial.

Good luck with the house rental, sounds like you could use some good luck. ;-)

Best Regards,

Robin Edgar

plaidshoes said...

Gah! I can't believe all that has happened to your family!! Saying prayers for you all and I hope you are able to find a rental home soon. Hopefully feeling more settled will bring about some peace.