Sunday, July 22, 2012

Surrounded by light and dark

Thats what we deal with, each and every day. Moments of the divine; of joy, of light, of clarity of vision. Moments of despair; at the state of the world, at our own failings, at the little details that can overwhelm our ability to see the big picture. Home again, with a pile of dogs at my feet, waiting for breakfast; listening to Lucy sing quietly as she plays with dinosaurs and writes in her journal; these moments of homegrown bliss are held up next to a front page of news that brings tears to my eyes. Syria, shootings in Aurora, the global economy, just for a start. Last night my 16 year old was talking to me about how she couldn't really relate to a Bloom County book we had laying around. The Cold War is a piece of ancient history to her. I told her, how as a young girl, I used to lay in bed terrified that a nuclear war would start. I asked her what she is afraid of, wondering how it is to come of age post 9/11. She told me that most of her nighttime fears come from the effects of global warming. Will the ice caps melt? Will out of control weather patterns destroy our earth? My spiritual director warned me that this summer would be a tender time. She was right. There are so many tender spots in my heart that can now be examined. Prayers for all of those grieving from violence, discrimination, war; and prayers for all who love them. May we all find light and joy in the midst of difficult times and the fears we hold in our deepest selves.

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