Monday, November 23, 2009 : ten-year-old refuses to stand for pledge of allegiance : ten-year-old refuses to stand for pledge of allegiance

Emma's (my 13 yo daughter) been refusing to say the Pledge since she was 5. Looks like she has some company!

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Wayne said...

As a teacher and minister who daily exercises the freedoms and privileges represented by the flag, it would seem fitting that you would remind Emma how blessed she is to live under our flag. From your blog it appears that your family fully exercises rights that would not be available under many other flags.

Diggitt said...

Wayne, I honestly do not get your point. Because someone has the right to disagree, they shouldn't disagree? That's not even circular -- that's dead-end logic.

Let's see -- since women now have the right to vote, they shouldn't. If you are old enough to qualify for Medicare or poor enough to qualify for Medicaid, you shouldn't use it (but should bless the fact that you live in a country that provides it). Your logic directs that we shouldn't avail ourselves of public health programs that provide flu vaccine for everyone in a neighborhood and we shouldn't use the public schools because our taxes pay for them.

Kelly KH said...

Wayne, what makes you think I don't teach her civics? However, our country does also do things that she and I are not proud of. Refusing to say the pledge is a way of asking our government to stand up to what the pledge says it is! It's a way of living into her faith and her belief that our country can do better - not a rejection of the freedoms and privileges that living in the USA affords.