Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring, spring, spring

I started shopping for a new pair of sneakers a couple of weeks ago and couldn't find anything I liked. I last bought a pair of good Nike sneakers about 7 years ago, and they are shot. The backs are all broken down (this is why I tell my kids to untie their shoes!), and they are all stretched out and squished down and ewww!

But all the sneakers I looked at looked enormous on my feet, and I hated the colors (pink and purple are apparently the colors women like currently). So I decided I would have to spend a little more since I couldn't find anything reasonable that I would wear for the next 7 years. I finally, after a hideous shopping trip with four kids, one of whom desperately need a nap, came home with these:

 When I put them on my feet, I literally said, "aaaaahhhhh!" They felt sooo good. I can't believe how much lighter technology has made shoes since I last bought sneakers. Even the New Balance ones I tried on felt good, but these were like heaven. So I came home with a new pair of sneakers that I love. Now, if it would stop being wet and muddy outside, I could wear them a little more!

In other news, we had a series of days a couple of weeks ago where we didn't get any eggs from our chickens. I searched all the usual places, but no dice. Yesterday my husband discovered about 15 eggs in the old kitchen cabinet we keep on our front porch for our cats during the winter months. Yuck! Then we found one in the front yard! These chickens are weird. That reminds me though, I have 2 fresh eggs in my jacket pocket that I need to go put in the fridge.

Speaking of cats, I noticed the other day that our very old cat, Angus, who lives outside because he likes to pee on the bath mat, was very, very thin. He has long hair so I hadn't noticed until I picked him up. I got him some tuna fish and he went to town on it - I wondered if he had been having trouble eating hard food, though it seems as if he were eating regularly, according to my daughter, who feeds him every day. He had had major dental issues and doesn't have very many teeth, but he didn't seem to have any major issues when I checked him out the other day, other than the thinness. We bought some soft food and he ate a tiny bit the day before yesterday, but then yesterday he was gone. I've looked everywhere for him. Under the porch, in the chicken coop, in the garage, under the trailer...nada.

I am afraid he was sick and went somewhere to die. If the rain slows down, I"m going to go look for him again. Poor kitty :(.

It is a rainy, April-ish sort of day. I overslept - when I woke up, Lucy was watching a video, and Tom was long gone for work! Couldn't believe I slept through all that. I guess I'm making up for that hour I will lose tonight. I keep expecting it to get cold again, but weather reports call for high 40s and 50s all through next week. Awesome! I am disgusted when I look outside though - everything is so muddy, and the yard is a mess, and there is junk everywhere. I am in spring cleaning mode and can't do anything about it! I seriously want to rent a dumpster and get rid of TONS of stuff!

The next couple of weeks are going to continue to be busy, to wit: pre-op appointment, two scholarship essays, one mid-term paper, RSCC interview in Boston, meeting with my teaching pastor, and hand surgery for a bone spur on the 26th. Then it's spring break, haha! I'll be finishing financial aid info, working, and preparing some info for my church's board so I can apply for sponsorship (assuming I get candidacy from the RSCC).

I am holding on to the picture of the last two weeks of May before CPE starts full time plus for 11 weeks ;).

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