Monday, March 1, 2010

Good news

I found out today that I've been accepted into the CPE (chaplaincy) program at Strong Hospital in Rochester. I am so relieved and hopeful about this placement. It will be for the summer - the end of May through August and difficult for everyone, I'm sure, as it's full time, plus a couple of on-call shifts. But I hope we can survive 11 weeks ;) And at least it's over the summer - the kids can sleep in and play outside, and have a relaxing time!

Now if I just get my date for my candidacy interview in Boston, I will feel all is right with the world (at least until I get there and am struck with all the nerves!).

I have a few scholarship essays to write and if I get my tax return in the next week, I'll be on track to turn in all my financial aid stuff for next year.

OK, off to read a bit more of Luke before I head to Wellspring!


ms. kitty said...

That's great news, Kelly! I bet you'll love CPE, even though it's really challenging.

Erica Anderson said...

Yay! Congrats, Kelly!