Sunday, February 28, 2010

Baby guilt

A sweet friend from church found out yesterday that she is miscarrying, and she had a stillbirth last year. She has the most beautiful son and is just a dear heart, as is her husband. I am devastated for her. I have baby guilt - it's kind of like white guilt, but it's about getting pregnant and popping out babies with ease. If I could do it for her today, I would.

A co-worker is dealing with family illness after a sudden death earlier this year, a local homeschool dad died tragically last just seems like a good time to be grateful for my husband and children. I am so very blessed in so many ways. My church, my calling, my family, my friends, my's all amazing, fantastic stuff.

Prayers and love go out to those in my life who are in pain tonight.

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Kelly KH said...

Ms. Kitty -

I am nervous but really anticipatory about the experience. We have a lot of "hospital" experience in my family due to my father's illness, and my mom being an ED nurse for many years.

I know I will learn so much.

Thanks for the good thoughts!