Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Growing Edges

I feel like FAIL this last few days. I tried to communicate about some issues on an email loop, and the person decided to ignore me rather than come to some agreement about how to resolve it. I was told that it sounded like bickering, though that was not my intention at all.I'm not sure how else I could have asked about the reasoning for the decisions made. There obviously must have been a better way. Being direct apparently didn't work, and alienated more than one person from the conversation, even though I was not trying to be contentious.

I totally lost my temper with my ex-husband this weekend. I am still trying to recover, and I'm sure he is too.

I am convinced that being honest about another issue, with people I thought would understand, had an obvious cost that is just now apparent.

I believe in open, and honest communication. I believe in clarity. I believe in authenticity. And I believe in resolving things. But I can also be discreet and refrain from observation or judgment because I believe people need to reach their own conclusions. But I feel like crawling under a rock this week.

I think I'll just focus on writing papers and getting caught up and reintegrated with family life and just stay the hell away from everyone else till I feel less like fail. Ugh.

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