Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dates, Youth Ministry, and the Joys of Vomit

It has been a busy couple of days. I spent a few hours trying to organize my list of books that I'm keeping for the MFC. It's a herculean task, as I read a lot, and I'm trying to figure out whether to do it by topic, by author, or what. I'm using EasyBib, so I can do them like citations AND keep a running list online that's already alphabetized. I'm also not sure what is pertinent, and what isn't. A lot of it could be considered under various competencies, so I guess I'll keep it all for now, and weed through it later on.

I still haven't received word about my RSCC interview date, or my CPE placement, or my possible internship. I don't like loose ends, so I hope to get some answers in the next week or so.

In the good kind of dates, my husband and I are going to try to set a date for ourselves to do something together. We've fallen into the habit of parenting, work, household management...and not much else. We are going to try some local hikes around the area to start with, and maybe do some obedience training with our Golden, who is being really annoying and pestering us a lot lately. We'd like to get him to walk off-leash without running away and thought we could work together on it. Any suggestions?

Today was exhausting. Lucy woke up at 1:30am, and I crawled into bed with her and fell asleep. At 4 am she woke up and threw up in my hands (had to protect the pillows, you know), and then again at 4:30, which I didn't quite catch. Around 4:45, I climbed back into bed, and Jude started coughing. He has allergies and his medicine wears off each night. He went down to my bed, and proceed to cough, and cough, and cough, and I couldn't get back to sleep. I was so tired, I gave him cough syrup but not Benadryl, so it didn't help. I finally sent him back to his bed at 5:20, knowing I had to get up at 6. Ugh. He was amazingly good natured about it though.

I got to work at 8, and my boss was out today, so for the first time, I did K-5 youth worship for both services. I had one wonderful parent who co-led with me, and several other parents jumped in. My daughters helped too, and they were amazing! We did an Inventions theme, and broke into small groups, and each one of my kids plus a couple of other teens jumped in to help lead and do classroom management. They also helped setup, cleanup, and checked in with the preschool rooms.

After that, I led my Teen Soul Matters group, which I love. The kids are so awesome, and were so willing to try some hard stuff today - we really dug into spiritual practice, and some difficult topics around the idea of Curiosity. Really good stuff!

I love kids. They are so willing to try new things, and are so intuitive. I am so lucky to be involved with the youth at my church!

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