Monday, February 22, 2010


Coming home from a meeting with my teaching pastor to loud, fighting children is...challenging. The mood is so different and the energy so different, that it's like being in a different universe sometimes.

However, the meeting was fab. We talked about my theology, New Testament, canon, some of my questions and things I need to work on, and brainstormed about internship. Does anyone know if the UUA offers money to congregations for funding interns? She really wants me to get a stipend but that could be a sticking point due to budgetary constraints.

I'm in scholarship app mode, so if anyone has resources, I'd love to hear them!

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ogre said...

I know that there are some funds... but I don't know if they're UUA or District... that are aimed at encouraging congregations to start taking on interns. IOW, it may be funding to encourage a congregation to *start* to do this.

Alternatively, figure out what part of your internship could be about (for the congregation) that could get funding. I.e. working on some sort of growth project/effort as part of your internship.

There's an irony here, though.

It's mandatory (for ministerial students). It's very highly encouraged (but not quite mandatory) that a congregation pay for it. In the end, the ministerial student's caught in the midst of all this, without any power over it--just the onsequences.