Thursday, January 28, 2010

Long day

We spent this morning getting the house the rest of the way under control, which was not too bad. We planned on doing schoolwork, but ended up packing it up for the girls to take to their dad's. I had my first meeting with my teaching pastor, and found out that what I thought was a done deal for my two year part-time internship was not, in fact, a done deal at all. I am not sure how that miscommunication occurred, but now we begin the process of the committee on ministry and board approving it. I am depressed about it, but hopeful that it will work out. It really has to.

It is frustrating that one needs to have an internship (for good reason) to become a minister, and yet, it is so difficult to find a congregation that is able (per MFC standards) and yet, also willing, to put the considerable effort into a seminarian's formation. I am sure this will be a good fit for me - I found the minister to be lovely and we had a really good talk, that was juuuust getting going 1.5 hours in when it was time to go! I am thrilled to have a real, live minister to work with, talk to, explore, dig into my growing edges, and who gets to know me from scratch as a seminarian, not as a congregant, or from a non-church area of my life.

So after all that, through which I maintained non-anxiety on the outside , I had to drive an hour home, shove the kids in the car, then drive 1.5 hours in a white-out snowstorm to get them to the gym. Then the same trip home, in reverse. I was so exhausted when I got home,and so grateful that I had put a roast chicken with stuffing in the oven (or had my daughter do it, rather) right before we all left the house together.

Yesterday, I had my CPE interview, which seemed to go quite well. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, though I am sure that 11 weeks of full-time plus hours will seem like the depths of hell to my family during our favorite time of year - summer. I'm wondering if I can get away with just one class in the fall with my (hopefully) internship, so that we can at least try to get a little time to breathe.

We just watched Stardust with the littles. I love that movie. For all sorts of reasons.

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