Saturday, January 2, 2010


I found that this quote resonated with me. It appeals to my own inner struggle around owning my childhood religion and my present theology.

"When I pray, the humanist in me is patient but nonplussed, asking who I think I am talking to, and I reply that I don't know, but I do it anywy, my breath casting words into the seemingly unanswering air. Perhaps it is only my need to make the universe personal and intimate. I know myself to be a personal and intimate being, and it seems not totally impossible that the powers which cast me with these qualities, which enables me to be both rational and poetic, may be the same as I, writ large." -- Frances E. West


Anonymous said...

I've been facebooking too much: I was looking for the "like" button. :)

Kelly KH said...

ha! I have those moments in real life too!