Sunday, January 3, 2010

Now I know why people think I'm crazy

From Transforming Knowledge, by Elizabeth Kamarck Minnich:

"What what is taken to be 'rational,' 'correct,' 'sane,' and 'normal' has been distorted in a thoroughgoing, systematically enforced way, it is a whole dominant culture that has gone 'mad.' Things have turned topsy-turvy: it is those who resist an 'insane' reality - those who think and question and act on their consciences, by moral principles - who are labeled 'crazy' while those who go along with the madness are considered 'sane' and 'sensible' and 'sound.'"

This totally explains why my 'fringe' behavior such as homeschooling, not believing in God, not having TV in my home, and refusing to buy spaghettios, while feeding by children meals made from scratch, is so foreign to the mainstream, and labeled crazy.

She calls this psychotic conceptualizations (of the masses, not individual, it is not the same thing as a mental illness definition, though perhaps a macrocosm of it). Love it.