Friday, January 15, 2010

The oddities of Humanism

I have enjoyed compiling a list of many books during this past week during my intensive class on Religious Humanism. Should you at any time feel overcome by a desire to add to my library (many of the theological books are required reading for my fellowship committee review later on), I am happy to share my wish list with you :-D

We had a wonderful and odd end to our humanism class, by a few of us sharing humanist prayers that we wrote to close our class. Here is mine:

With all our human gifts and flaws
we have joined our hearts
in pursuit of knowledge,
compassion, love, and a
deeper connection to the divine
through our dreams, our lives, and our
deepening relationships with each other.
We leave this sacred time
wiser, more open to possibility,
continuing on our journey of discovery
in good company with each other.
Shoulder your bag, books, and quotes.
Embrace our humanity and our limited
understanding of the sacred,
Sally forth into the vast reaches of the unknown
And mysterious universe, carrying your
Questions and your spirit onward,
May it be so.

We were rewarded for our efforts with a class committee's treat of dark beer samples and dark chocolate. Seminary Rocks!

I started my day out with a wonderful morning devotional led by a classmate who was leaving today. It was on gratitude and ended with We Are by Sweet Honey in the Rock.

I had good intentions of writing a theological statement tonight, but I have to be at another class at 8:30 tomorrow morning, and I am mentally wiped out. But I am grateful for my humanist ministers at my congregation, their clear theological and practical vision, and the joy of being a congregant and a student of a vibrant and thoughtful denomination filled with amazing people.

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