Monday, January 25, 2010

Good Thoughts

My mother just called to tell me she is headed to the hospital for tests. When I talked to her two Fridays ago and she was having balance issue and some additional difficulty with remembering words. She had a stroke on Memorial Day weekend, so I encouraged her to call the doctor before the weekend. Fast forward to last Friday (3 days ago). She still hadn't called but was still having symptoms. Compliant patient, no. So I made her promise she would call today. Turns out she woke up at 4am with blurry vision and a killer headache. The clot that caused the first stroke is very much still present, so good thoughts would be appreciated.

In other news I have one of my CPE interviews on Wednesday, and just sent off another application in case the first site doesn't work out. I really, really want to do the intensive this summer so I'm crossing fingers and toes. I am meeting with my teaching pastor/future intern site this week for the first time too. I can't wait! I have so many questions to try to come up with some sort of plan for fall since I have to try to work it around family schedules and such. This will be an adventure in ministerial (un)schedules and learning to balance everything.


Robin Edgar said...

One of my aunts phoned me some years ago to ask me to pray for her husband who had just had a massive heart attack. As compassionately as possible I informed her that God usually answered my (few) petitionary prayers with an emphatic "NO" and that I would therefore make a point of not praying for her husband. It worked like a charm and he made a full recovery. :-)

So this is to assure you that I will not be praying for your mother's recovery but will none-the-less send some good thoughts. Please let me know what the results are.

Best Wishes,

Robin Edgar

Kelly KH said...

Thanks Robin. I'll keep you posted!

plaidshoes said...

Sending prayers her way. I hope things turn out well. I have an uncle going through a similar situation - always a little scary.