Friday, January 8, 2010

Dying? Not yet.

I hear the curmudgeons go on about how UU is a dying faith. I invite them to have sat in a room with 40+ other ministers in formation today in Chicago and heard the gifts that are being brought to the table from these talented and passionate future colleagues of mine.

I have a hard time believing we are going to let UUism die in our lifetimes.

Chicago has been fine. As soon as I was safely on the plane, I was ready to go. I miss my family and miss having reliable internet access (who would think that an academic housing unit wouldn't have internet?) but I am anxious to get some real studying done this weekend.

The convocation was interesting and I learned some valuable lessons about getting out from behind my barriers, whatever they are - physical, emotional, mental - and how effective it is to preach/teach/discern outside the box.

I am very pleased to see all my classmates again, including ones I didn't have an opportunity to meet in person back in September (Hi Paul!) as well as other students I've gotten to know online but not IRL. I am rooming with 3 wonderful women in my class, and having fun exploring Hyde Park and learning city life without a car.

Hoping to visit my sister this weekend too! Hitting post before the internet connection dies :)


Paul Oakley said...

Hi, Kelly! It was great finally meeting you too!

Bill Baar said...

Is anyone really saying we're a dying a faith?