Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I am adding daily writing back in as part of my spiritual practice. After years as a professional, public and private writer, I am missing the daily discipline, and the spiritual component that it brings to my life.

I had a wonderful time at Wellspring last night. We were discussing Unitarian History, specifically Channing and Gannet, and the Unitarian Christianity sermon. I am always blown away at those sermons of the 19th century. They are so deep and long, and intense. The sound-bite culture of today would have a hard time sitting through and maintaining attention to those sermons.

It was wonderful to have our entire group together again last night; we've been missing at least one person due to healthy, holidays, etc. for the last several months. It was a wonderful way to start my week, and a reminder of why I am doing what I'm doing. Sometimes the ministry component gets lost in the rush of paperwork, academics, rush to and from praxis, etc. We spent a lot of time in silent reflection last night, and it was very fulfilling. I still have "singing bowl" written on my list of "wants" and last night's use of one for inviting to and ending meditation renewed my desire. I'll have to keep looking around locally.

I'm flying off to the windy city tomorrow morning, early. I have Skype set up to chat with my family while I'm gone. I'm mostly packed, sent my books ahead, and just chatted with one of my roommates. I want to cry every time I think of the days without Lucy-hugs and Soren-hugs, but I am also embracing the adventure. I've never been away from my kids or husband (either one) for more than 3 nights! 17 nights seems like an eternity! I'll have plenty to keep me busy though, and hope to see my sister and an email friend in the city while I'm there.

I'm taking a religious humanism class and problems in public ethics. Both had very stimulating readings to do ahead, and I have done a good chunk of the writing and oral presentation prep as well. I'm hoping for some quiet, reflective time as well and am looking forward to worship and vespers during my time there.

I have had some good advice on prepping for my RSCC interview in March, but am open to more, if anyone has any!

OK, now to finish packing!

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