Thursday, May 15, 2008

Spiritual Homeschooling

I woke up in the middle of the night last night and had an inner dialogue as I often do. I was imagining meeting a neighbor and the inevitable topic of schooling comes up, so I tell them that we homeschool. I don't necessarily elaborate, but then the conversation turns to career, the typical "What do you do?"

So I say that I'm a student and I'm hoping to go to grad school next year. For what? Seminary. So they assume that I homeschool for religious reasons.

And as I lay there, I realize that I do homeschool for religious reasons, not just the ones that most people would assume. I homeschool because of my values and to create a culture for my family that fits our needs.

I realized today that I need to stop talking about homeschooling for religious reasons in a negative tone. Because I'm doing it too.

I'm taking my children out of the mainstream culture and instilling them with the values of our family and what's important to us - family, attachment, social action and justice, spirituality, respect, and peace, to start with. I'm making sacrifices, both of time, career, and money, to do what I believe is best for my children. And not that other people don't. And not that school is evil. But it has issues that can't be resolved with band-aids.

I believe in being involved in the local community and working to make the schools (as they are) a better place for everyone, but I don't see them teaching values that I believe in, in a way that I agree with. And I venture to guess that that is the same argument that religious homeschoolers of every ilk would make. I just happen to be pretty liberal.

Anyway, I'm tired and not making a lot of sense, but I wanted to get my thoughts on paper, so to speak. My point: Religious homeschooling is for UUs too.


Home-Schooler said...

I am also a UU Homeschooler and I agree whole heatedly. We homeschool because as our children progressed through each developmental stage we enjoyed watching every second of it. Then we realized that our children were thriving. Why change what we were doing when it was working!

I love the feel of your blog. Its lovely.

Kelly KH said...

Thanks for visiting! It's great to have your thoughts here :)