Friday, December 11, 2009

2nd Thanksgiving

I am feeling immensely grateful right now. Grateful for friends who are helping out with this Christmas season, grateful for my church and their support on so many levels - spiritual, emotional, etc. Grateful to have had an amazing conversation with my mother this morning, and then with my MIL, who was angry and now isn't.

Grateful for my husband, who loves me and who I love right back, with all my heart.

I'm grateful for my amazing children, who are so cool and smart and understanding about the limitations of our situation, while they see excess all around them. Grateful for my ex-husband, who keeps plugging away in our friendship even when it's not easy or pain-free.

I'm grateful for my dogs, who are sweet and comforting, and my house, which is warm and slowly getting clean again, due to my extreme efforts today. I am grateful for my dryer, even though the washing machine is currently still broken.

I'm grateful for grace in my life, for my fellow-seminarians, for my professors, and my ministers. For having prayer in my life, and for snow days and fleece slippers and for homeschooling.


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Heidi said...

I am thankful for you, who is ever inspiring in your determination to find yourself and what is right for you in the crazy world. Thankful that you helped me to have the confidence and the tools to start on my own homeschooling journey over 4 year ago now!