Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Formation Dreams

I had a long, horrible dream last night that I was at school for intensives, meeting many of my blogosphere fellow students for the first time, and kept saying the most rude and insensitive things. I was also incapable of contributing anything intelligent to class. Then, I went to my RSCC interview and was asked bizarre questions and then told that I was in no way ready to pursue ministry.

I think I am a little anxious about intensives prep and traveling ;)


Robin Edgar said...

You really shouldn't worry *too* much about being fit for U*U ministry Kelly. Afterall I am very reliably informed by top level MFC officials that saying "the most rude and insensitive things" is "within the appropriate guidelines of ministerial leadership."

boston unitarian said...

Hey Kelly,
Hang in...I deeply believe that anyone not worried about their readiness to pursue the ministry should probably not pursue the ministry.
Happy holidays and
Blessings, BU

Robin Edgar said...

Yes, I dare say that it is actually quite refreshing to see a U*U ministerial candidate worried about saying "the most rude and insensitive things". I expect however that "bizarre questions" are par for the course for Regional Sub*Committees on Candidacy interviews if the "bizarre questions" contained in this UUMA Guidelines workshop PDF file are anything to go by. . . ;-)

Here is just one *example* -

A parishioner takes you aside at coffee hour to repor that at a recent office birthday party for her co-worker a singing telegram was delivered by a messenger dressed as a priest who then stripped down to underwear and
danced to suggestive music. She recognized the messenger as a UU
minister, serving part-time at a very small congregation on the other side of town. How do you respond?

No joke. . .

Lends a whole new meaning to *moon*lighting U*U ministers doesn't it? :-)

Kelly KH said...

BU -
Oh, I definitely am humbled by the responsibility of it all. And yet at the same time, confident in my call.

But I kind of had to laugh at the specificity of the dreams!