Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cool birthday gift!

Today was my birthday; the first one where I felt a little down about getting older. I know all that hype about older and wiser and such. I'm entitled to my pity party though . It's my party and I'll cry if I want to! But I'm not really crying; just getting more in touch with my mortality with age and ministerial formation.

My older girls are going to their grandfather's with their dad on Friday, so we opened most of our presents tonight, and my husband got me THE coolest stainless steel chalice! I bought myself a cool chalice last year around this time and my toddler has knocked it off my nightstand and broken it in two places, which bummed me out. This one is much sturdier and small enough to transport sometimes. I love it!

My kids had a great evening. It was great to see the joy on their faces at simple things, provided with love and some re-gifting.

It was a good birthday.

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boston unitarian said...

Happy birthday and Merry Christmas! Many blessings, BU