Thursday, March 5, 2009

Everyday Drama

Lucy just ran in here with a video, wailing "we already watching thiiiis one!" Oh, the drama.

We've been listening to Mrs. PiggleWiggle on tape though, and it seems to help Jude put it all in perspective. Now, I merely have to pick up my phone and pretend to call Mrs. PiggleWiggle, and everything sorts itself out magically.

Yesterday was filled with painful drama. Emma came home from Florida (yay!) and promptly fell up the stairs with her suitcase and smashed her knee.

I came in and dropped Soren's music stand on my toe and am pretty sure I fractured it. I'm limping around quite a bit and had a very short walk with the dog this morning.

My husband missed an entire day of work for an emergency tooth extraction.

Nothing insurmountable, just frustrating.

Good news is I finished my sermon, and it's sunny and a bit warmer. The geese are doing their O'Hare impersonation, which is fun, and Jakob is having a doggy playdate today.

I'm obssessed with the idea of getting another dog before he gets much older (I think this is stand-in for having another baby ), and I keep visiting dogs. My husband is very tolerant of me and even has accepted the idea of trialing chickens next month, for eggs and meat. I'd like a goat too, but I think he'll draw the line there ;).

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