Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Good Sunday

As my son pointed out on the way to church this morning, it was a Good Sun Day as well. The sun shone all day, which was lovely, since it was barely above 10F. Welcome to March (coming in like the proverbial lion).

It was a church-ful kind of day. My friend Sarah, taught me for today (and brought her very adorable, and sleeping newborn to squee over) so that I could hear our intern, Erin Gingrich preach. I'm so glad that I got to go! It was a lovely sermon that touched my heart - about "standing in the flow," the flow being money and more generally, opportunity. How do we give?

I have become a giver. It has not so much to do with money, although in the end, everything does, but more to do with time, and intention. I do give money to my church as a member, and in the collection basket. I give time to my community on boards and editing newsletters. This spring I'll join a mentoring program for girls. I give in simple ways, like turning clothes right side out as I fold the laundry. By moving my husband's van so he doesn't have to go out in the cold to do it. By having healthy snacks and clean water bottles in the car for my little kids when we go to town. By caring for my daughters' pets when they're at their dad's house (and doing the harder parts of those jobs that they like to ignore).

I give by calling a friend who has a sick relative, to check in. By reaching out to someone I've never liked very much because they are having a rough time and I can see that they need a hug. I give by adopting a homeless cat; by driving really slow on my street at night so I don't hit any of the woodland creatures that are nocturnal.

I give by making every minute that I can remember to, intentional. And you know what? I think that karma is real. What you put out to the universe comes back. Erin says that there's no such thing as standing on the bank of that river of money. That we're all in the flow. That if are all more intentional (and don't hoard what we don't need), there is enough. Hmmm...I think Erin's a socialist ;).

Anyway, it was an interesting concept, and she did a great job.

Soren had a good OWL class, by all accounts. And Lucy stayed with Jude (she's an honorary 4 year old at church), and melted the teacher's heart by telling Jude that she loved him (love you too, he says).

Now I'm off to do some Wellspring journaling. I've been reading a lot, and thinking about the sermon I'm not writing about community. I need to find some good material and readings, and better get to it this week.

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