Monday, March 2, 2009

Random Life Updates

In no particular order:

1. one of the cats we adopted peed in my tub today. He also pukes a lot and sheds globs of hair. He is old and is dying. He has a lot of spunk left in him though, as I am unable to restrain him enough to get hairball medicine into him daily. As soon as it warms up, his butt is going outside.

2. The other cat discovered the cockatiel's existence, and has his first exposure to the great outdoors at our house today. It went well, as he didn't kill our other old and arthritic cat (who showed him his place immediately), and came right back inside when we got home (I shoved him out so he wouldn't kill the bird while we were gone). Now to see if he's a decent mouser or not.

3. The dog has massive spring fever. He needs a friend to run around with because he's being all infantile and needy and I already have two young children who sit on me all the time.

4. My oldest child will be home in 48 hours. I can NOT wait. I miss her. And another weird thing is that we're on a Yahoo list together now. How 21st century!

5. My husband and I have been trying to watch last week's Heroes episode since LAST week. One of us falls asleep every night and we still haven't watched it. He's snoring next to me right now. Soon we'll have to watch two, and then what will we do?

6. I'm going back to work at First Unitarian as the RE Assistant (Administrator?) again. Sadly, the woman that replaced me has to resign for personal reasons, and Jan asked me to fill in the rest of the year. Yay! I loved that job and am excited to go back to it. I start in two weeks. By then, I might know if I've landed the other job that I really want, that is more permenant, and very community-oriented, in a 21st century kind of way. Good thoughts are welcome, as it would be from home and compatible with homeschooling!

7. I finished my sermon draft and got Very Helpful feedback from a fellow seminarian. I've submitted my thoughts for the order of service as well. Nervewracking and exciting. I can NOT wait to start school again. I think that my winter malaise is passing, despite the bitterl cold weather we're having here. It's a good thing, because I gained 7 lbs. last month, which is quite unlike me.

8. My 10 year old daughter is in a talent show AND giving an oral presentation for 4H this week. I'm not nervous for her at all, because she's a pro. I hope to get a video of everything. She's playing violin, and then doing karaoke Taylor Swift with her best friend for the talent show. The presentation is on gymnastics, and she has a meet the next day, and another one next weekend. She will be exhausted before spring comes!

9. Who the heck changed Daylight Savings Time to next weekend? And why? I'm not ready. Isn't it like 8 months long now?

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