Sunday, August 2, 2009

A day of spirit and hard work

Lest this turn into the August blog of yard work and gardening, I *did* go to church today and was the worship associate for Rev. Joel Miller from the Buffalo UU church. It was a nice service, from what I could tell after my piece was done. I got some nice feedback and my husband got to be there for once!

We went to the Park Ave. fest afterwards and enjoyed browsing, then took the long way home, stopping for Abbott's ice cream in Canandaigua.

When we got home, I tackled some more yard work - I tied up the Rose of Sharon trees that were drooping all over, and weeded underneath them - what a mess. Then I trimmed back our insane trumpet vine that I thought our friend killed last year. Apparently not, as it's totally out of control. I harvested an ear of corn and 3 cukes from the garden, yay! And cleaned out the chicken tractor, replaced the feed that got wet in the storm this morning, cleaned out the brooder and the rabbit litter pan, and gave up for the day.

I was proud of mama chicken, Elvis. I took the chicks outside in a cage and she followed me and stayed with them while I cleaned the brooder. Then she followed me all the way back into the house with her babies and hopped right into the brooder. We left the Americaunas out today for the first time and they had a *blast* and the cat didn't bother them.

The littles jumped on the trampoline with the hose spraying on them for awhile, which was fun. They have the utmost joy and laughter at the simplest things. Unfortunately, Jude threw up again just now. I am worried- he threw up last Monday and Tuesday and hasn't really recovered. He's been tired and cranky. I had hoped he was on the mend, but apparently not. I wonder if it could be from the bug spray? We have to coat ourselves to fend off the mosquitoes. I'm considering a trip to the doctor tomorrow just to check him out. I am going to get some lemon grass to plant which apparently deters the mosquitoes, as well as some bat boxes, but that will all take time. It's been raining non-stop - today the yard was so saturated that it was squishy out back :(.

I talked to the girls and they are thoroughly vacationing. good for them!

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