Saturday, August 1, 2009

A break in the action

The mosquito action that is. Today it was finally 80s and sunny, and I was able to get the kids and myself outside for some fresh air and sunshine. (However, it is now muggy and cloudy and we're expecting our daily thunderstorm.) Honestly, I cannot remember the last day it didn't rain. We have had the 2nd coldest summer ever here.

But today was a perfect summer day and the mosquitoes, which are so bad that I can barely tolerate taking my morning walk (along with the deer flies) seemed on temporary hiatus (they're back in action this evening though).

I think our corn will be ready soon though, and cucumbers are just about there. There is an ENORMOUS squash of some sort that I don't remember planting too. The tomatoes are still green, green, green. Just not enough sun to let them ripen. I'm worried about the punkin's too - there aren't any plants, just flowers, and if they don't start soon, they won't be ready to harvest for fall.

I got a TON of weeding done and discovered that our apple tree that produced *nothing* last year is dropping copious amounts of small, early apples. I had to take a wheelbarrow-full out to the field for the deer, but found about a dozen that were edible. I'll have to go out with a ladder and harvest some for applesauce next week. Our other tree isn't near ready yet, but both pear trees have a ton of fruit on them and the grapes actually have fruit on them this year - last year, nada. The hops are sorely neglected; I haven't been able to get hubby to help me stake them up; hopefully we can trim them back and clean up that plot this fall and give them another chance next year. I think I could still harvest a bunch and dry them. I also found 3 more huge garlic bulbs today, with beautiful scapes on them. Yay!

The raspberries are still producing but it's so difficult to tolerate the mosquitoes enough to harvest more berries. We froze some but I just realized that my fridge/freezer is on the fritz and the freezer was not cold in spots. Shit. I can't afford a new fridge right now, or a repair bill. I can use our smaller fridge for now, but it's not in the kitchen, so a little inconvenient.

I spoke with Rev. Miller today and worked out the details for tomorrow's service. I'm hoping I can talk the family into coming, and then we can go to the Park Ave. fest. Just to browse; I love looking at everything and hearing the live music! I didn't get to see the free Rusted Root this week because Jude was still not feeling well :(. What a bummer! Oh well! There will be other opportunities :).

The week stretches out before me without the girls here. I'm hoping for hot, dry days, so we can be outside and I can wrestle the yard into submission. I love my yard, but it's a lot of work with the fruit and the garden. But the chickies are easy; tomorrow I hope to clean out their coop and the brooder as well. I'm also going to clean out the bunny cage and hose it and scrub it.

Oh, and for those who don't believe in God - there was a miracle here today. My husband mowed the front yard for the first time this summer! I've been doing it and hate it. I can't wait till we have a riding mower again. i hate paying the lawn guy to do the back forty.
Off to have grilled kabobs and corn on the cob!

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