Friday, July 31, 2009

Peanut Carnival

This has been a busy computer morning, unfortunately. My older girls went to their dad's last night and leave for a week's vacation with him tomorrow. I already miss them terribly. Plus, I'll be at Empowered Girls Alliance mentoring next weekend, so won't see my 10 year old until next Sunday night. Yuck.

I went through a huge spreadsheet the other night to put together my food co-op order, and it disappeared. I don't know why I keep losing files. I just redid it, which took quite some time. I've also been putting some movies on DVD for the little kids, and that is time consuming.

The church just called to ask me if I could be the lay-leader for the service on Sunday and help the visiting minister. :::gulp::: I have nothing prepared and haven't gotten the OOS yet. Hopefully within the hour. If the person I'm subbing for has words prepared, great. If not, I'm going to have to squeeze a couple of hours out of tomorrow to write and memorize something for Sunday morning. Another wonderful opportunity to be part of our service, but stressful at the last minute.

A couple of weeks ago, our 4H group had their first carnival to raise money to purchase a goat (I think similar to Heifer International?). The whole time I was thinking about my favorite carnival when I was a kid - and I see that they're still doing it! I just loved this - it was cheap and fun! Maybe I can talk our 4H group into doing something similar next year.

Wish me luck for Sunday. Last week went really well; I got some positive feedback and helped reduce our intern's stress level. This week I'll be on the fly.

And good thoughts to my friend, who had to cancel her role as lay leader due to a family illness. My thoughts are with you and your dad, SD!

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