Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ready for Boston and other trivia

I was able to schedule my career assessment for mid-August, and late last night, I finished the last of many assessments and questionnaires. I don't think there was much surprising that I found out about myself, but it will be interesting to go through the two-day process and see what feedback I get. I think my mother in law will let me borrow her car to drive there, so I don't have to rent a car. I already have to come up with $700 to pay the balance on this assessment, and it will save me at least a little to borrow her car. Also, my friend Carrie has generously offered to host me for two nights. It means a 30 minute commute, but big deal! As long a I don't get lost ;).

Two weeks later I leave for Chicago for 3 days for orientation.

There was a lot of preparation; I am glad it's done!

I have been trying to watch more videos from GA, but they all lock up after the first 20 seconds. I guess I'll try IE since Firefox doesn't seem to be working properly with the UUA's media.

And really, will this rain never end? It has rained every day for I don't know how long. The garden is happy but full of weeds; the yard is growing (much to my dismay for lack of a lawnmower), and there are 4 trillion mosquitoes. I hope it's not so wet in the Adirondacks where my oldest daughter's are. It's also annoying to have laundry hanging all over the house; it doesn't dry well without the woodstove on and it rains too frequently to hang it out. I have used my dryer more in the last 2 weeks than I did all winter. That said, at least it's warm out, although apparently the coolest summer on record in a long time.

Two more days until I can get my girls. Then next week we're off to PA for the Arts Festival and visit with family. My sister is flying in from Chicago; I haven't seen her since Feb. 2004, and we are going to work on cleaning our mom's home out a bit. She and my mom haven't really spoken for several years until recently, so it should be interesting. She is bringing her daughter, which thrills my oldest - she never sees her cousins.

Today I'm taking the littles to to Strong Museum of Play. We need to burn off some energy after being cooped up in the house some (not that the rain really stops them from playing outside!)

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