Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Interesting Day

This week has already been interesting and we just returned from PA!

1. I went to the doctor yesterday for a follow up on a lump on my hand/wrist. He is of the opinion that it's a bone spur with tendon swelling and gave me a steroid shot. Liquid fire, it is. Fun stuff. Feeling better tomorrow, but is more swollen than it was. Hopefully I'm in the 50% of people that it fixes and I won't require surgery. Because my other wrist does have a ganglion cyst that has had me suffering for 3 years and surgery is the way to go. Snap.

2. We have marvelous company this week. My friend is finishing her graduate work in Syracuse and is visiting with her 8 year old daughter. She's meshing quite well with all the hustle and bustle of driving, cleaning, laundry, activities, meals and noise around here. Everyone got shuffled off to bed a bit early due to crankiness though; mostly the littles. I'm pretty tired myself. Migraine, steroids, period all have conspired to tire me out along with with the 6 loads of laundry I've done in the last 36 hours.

3. I had an internship (community partnership or whatever it's called now) interview today at Center for Youth.

I think I'm going to work 4 hours a week in the emergency shelter, and 4 hours either doing outreach in their mobile unit (which my hubby is not thrilled about) or counseling as part of their high school outreach along with tutoring. This will give me an opportunity to work with at-risk urban and suburban kids, and also I'm hoping to get a paid part-time gig out of it, since I have prior experience.

It was a really positive experience!

I also had a metric ton of paperwork to do today for school and I made my flight reservations for January so I can go to convocation and two intensives. I have never been away from my family for so long; I'm very anxious about being away for 15 days. Plus the volunteer forms (who remembers all their past addresses from the last 28 years for background checks?), and stuff for Empowered Girls Alliance, who I'm going to mentor for this year. I never got out to the garden at all to weed, and couldn't mow, with my wrist hurting

4. The police stopped by today! Soren (10) and my friend's daughter (8) walked down to the store to buy cookies for a lemonade sale (I couldn't deal with them making cookies today), and someone reported that they saw a 2 and 4 yo on the railroad tracks to the police!! He was very nice and peered at them, said they WERE very small. He recommended that my 13 yo walk with the 10 yo, which kind of seems weird, since it's a tiny town and seems very safe, but I"ll take his word for it.

Off to bed!


ogre said...

The time at ML will go like a whirlwind (speaks experience). Which doesn't mean that you won't miss home, and that they won't miss you--which, in the grand scheme, is actually a *good* thing.

(What you should do *now* is make your housing arrangements.)

Kelly KH said...

Thanks for the encouragement!

And thanks for the housing reminder; I had a so-so experience for orientation with my housing arrangements, and just made the call for January! Hopefully I'll find a place that's a little less expensive.