Friday, July 17, 2009

Morning Meditation

I am summer
heated and passionate
sweltering, lush
reaching for that burning orb of sun

He is winter
warm and welcoming
like a crackling fire
against my cold toes

I am rushing like a swollen
spring stream
leaping with fish (ideas)
jumping over boulders and

He is slow and steady
lumbering on snow shoes
carefully over uncharted white
prepared and ready for the unexpected

summer that I bring
with my heat, my passion
bursting at the seams with
wild ideas, howling at the moon

that sets, round and cold
above a winter night
filled with warm blankets and quiet
murmuring, creating a climate

just right between us.


ogre said...


I came to comment on language--but the aggregator presented words in a way that looked like you'd sort of written faux Germanic words (effectively, too). Things like "summerheated" and "passionatereaching". And it might be effective, as a device... not overabused, of course.

Kelly KH said...

Are you using google reader? I'll have to try it; that sounds cool! Glad you enjoyed it!

Erica Anderson said...

Absolutely beautiful, Kelly.