Friday, August 14, 2009


I honestly think this is one of the best summers I've ever had. Lots of down time, lots of fun (and intense) stuff done.

I found $10 tix to Darien Lake and took my 4 kids plus two friends yesterday. We packed lots of food, the weather was sunny and hot, and we had a blast. Today I'm taking the littles to the County Fair to see the animals and booths.

Sunday I leave for Boston for my Career Development Assessment at ccdmin in Dedham, MA. Then a week later I start my first class, and then a week after that travel to Chicago for my Meadville Lombard orientation. Then the week after that the 3 oldest kids start their fall homescholing activities.

We got chickens, had a garden, canned applesauce (next up are pears!) and had a lot of quality family time. I'm so grateful!

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Erica Anderson said...

Sounds absolutely lovely, Kelly. Have a great time in Boston! I'm happy for you.