Friday, July 18, 2008


I am still trying to catch up with everything from traveling and getting into S's gymnastics summer routine. The girls are separated this summer for visitation for the most part and it's been odd but nice to have just one of them around to spend more quality time with, and to reduce the bickering.

I need to finish cleaning the house today, but it's so hot and humid that everything feels disgusting, whether I clean it or not. I dread the kitchen, but it must be done.

I also am very much in trouble with money from that one little trip - having T. take off next month for 5 days is going to really hurt and there's no more cushion from tax return or economic stimulus. Those darn bills keep pouring in. I'm really loving being home again though but wonder if it's tenable even for the short-term. I may need to start doing some freelancing again but am not sure where to start.


I did one of my phone interviews last night for credit by evaluation, and hope that it went well. I have a sinking feeling that she won't give me either all the credits or allow them as advanced credits - she was totally unreadable so I could be wrong, but it was rather disconcerting. I did the best I could though, so I'll just have to wait and see.

As soon as I finish these up, hopefully by the end of this month, I can use August break to work on my graduate school applications. I think I will apply to both Meadville Lombard AND Colgate here in Rochester, to see what happens and where the road leads me.

I've been reading a lot, both UU requirements, vampire fiction courtesy of my oldest daughter, and trashy magazines that my mother-in-law hands down. I've also had time to do word puzzles again. It's heavenly. This is what summer should be like. Minus the money worries. But we'll get by. Tom and I are stronger than we've ever been. Communication is getting easier all the time.

My friend asked me to go to Daisy Dukes (a country bar) and ride the mechanical bull with her for fun some weekend. I said to Tom that I would post pictures so he could see it - he thought that might not be an appropriate activity for an aspiring minister ;). I disagree!

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