Friday, July 25, 2008

Crazy House

So not only have we recently decided that we have to rehome our dog, which has been a very difficult decision, our cat went crazy this week. He has attacked said dog with increasing frequency and intensity every time I try to walk him in the yard. This cat is ancient, toothless, clawless, and apparently has a death wish.

I can not for the life of me figure out what his problem is, but my blood pressure is certainly elevated by the stress. I have had to crate the cat outside when I took the dog out to pee today, every single time.

Not to mention, that we have 1+ acre to mow and currently 3 non-functional lawn mowers. The one that came with the house needed a new transmission, I broke the push mower trying to keep up this spring, and our new-to-us mower threw a belt or something when my daughter was mowing last week. It has been raining for a week straight and the lawn is frighteningly close to out of control. The clover is having the proverbial field day (pun intended) and there are so many bees that we can't go in the yard without shoes.

Our neighbor across the street is selling her house and is working on her lawn almost non-stop. I feel so guilty that our yard doesn't look nice like it usually does - I have been trying very hard to keep the toys neat, the yard trimmed, and the weeding done, and it's all gotten away from me with the monsoon season. We also have a ton of large junk outside the garage that needs to go the dump...but we haven't been able to ascertain where that is in this county, and the website for county disposal authority is not working. I hope Tom can get them on the phone today.

The only saving grace is that our yard is still drenched; I think the mower would make tire ruts in it if we tried to mow. Hopefully we'll get it in working order tonight and I can mow tomorrow. And I thought summer would be an easier time to keep up with the house ;).

A gift: both babies are sleeping at the same time, the dog is safely tied up outside and the cat seems oblivious. A brief moment to breathe, and I think I'll go tackle some weeds outside my office that I can see. (under the Rowan tree!)

I am anxious to attend services this weekend. I need the lift.

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beanjeepin said...

I have more to say, but we use ALPCO for the dump. It's kind of Macedonish.