Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Right/Left Wing

Interesting article (and comments, some actually intelligent) on hate-mongering, "news," etc.

I would like to read more from "conservative" UUs as well. We keep getting attacked as a "liberal" religion, but my faith is one that welcomes anyone, regardless of politics. I think that some churches are more politicized than others, but there is room at the table for those who don't believe in liberal politics, but believe in the faith.

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ogre said...

I spent the past week at a UU camp, sharing a cabin with the president of the board of that camp (he's doing a superb job, as far as I can tell). He's a political conservative (or whatever it is these days that McCain supporters are). I'm certainly not. Nor was his nephew; sporting an I (heart) Obama shirt to aggravate his uncle, I suspect. But our politics really didn't matter.

We were there as two devoted practitioners of liberal religion.

Liberal religion and liberal politics are not synonymous. They happen--at the moment--to overlap substantially in most UU congregations, but that certainly wasn't true a couple of generations back, when "rock-ribbed" Republicans from New England were a commonplace. Then it was political conservatism that overlapped with liberal religion.

Perhaps that's too complex a perspective for the haters and the hatemongers that infest the modern right in America.