Thursday, July 3, 2008

I made it!

I turned in my final remaining paper last night, on Intercultural Communication and Religious Plurality. What a relief! Today's the last day of the semester, but I have everything turned in. Now I just wait for my final grades. I have 2 final papers, a project, and an essay that I'm waiting on feedback for, as well as the final grades for 4 classes.

This summer, I have to do 4 phone interviews for my prior learning credits, and if all goes well, I'll just have 12 credits in the fall and I'll graduate! I also plan to work on my grad school application this summer and visit Meadville Lombard and Colgate Crozier.

Next Sunday I am going to the Wellspring orientation for this year, so that will take care of the spiritual part of my education :). Things are looking good!

Today is park day and I don't have to try to cram studying in while watching the kids and chatting with friends. I have a weekend of freedom before I tackle preparation for my phone interviews. It feels *really* good.

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