Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ministerial stuff

I know that my application goes to committee at CRCDS this week or next. I got a call from Meadville Lombard that one of my references seems to have gotten lost in the mail. I called the person and they mailed it over a month ago and now have to recreate it, since they did it by hand :::sigh:::. But after that, they will schedule an interview.

I also followed up with the NERSCC, and am officially an applicant now. I can do a couple of pieces of paperwork and once I'm accepted to divinity school, I can become an aspirant.

Feeling tearful and joyous. It was good to go to the prospective student conference at CRCDS this weekend or I wouldn't have been jogged to check in with the office about my application.


ogre said...

Out of idel curiosity, let me know if you figure out what the distinct lines are when one becomes an "applicant," an "aspirant," and a "candidate."

I never did. I apparently became an aspirant--but never got told so--until I was completing the last paperwork that allows me to go before the RSCC... which I think has to pass on you before you actually become a candidate.

Fortunately, I don't really care. It's not as if the statuses seem to have much meaning. The only annoyance is that I should have been able to go to Ministry Days at G.A., if I'd been told I was an aspirant when I became one. Which is, FWIW, the only evidence I have that I am one, an email commenting on it.


Kelly KH said...

Argh, I posted a detailed reply, but it seems to be lost in cyberspace.

Anyway, I have a list of things I was given that are required to be done before being considered an aspirant -

2 interviews, an essay, photo, inquiry form, acceptance to div school, etc.

I have heard from others that communication is a problem. I find that unfortunate, and I do agree that it's a long process and difficult to navigate.

It would be nice to have a more formal notification process though!