Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanks be...

It was a lovely Thanksgiving. We were surrounded by loving friends and family, had wonderful food, and got to attend a really cool interfaith service at our church.

We sang America the Beautiful as our closing hymn, and this was the first time in a long time that I could sing that without feeling disgust at where we are at as a nation. I feel hope.

Now, because we are always lacking in excitement around here, I had to call the police when we got home. Nothing urgent, but a beautiful blue-eyed shepherd mix came up to my dog and daughter when she took him out and we were unloading the car. I saw him this morning when I was walking Jake, and he barked at us from a distance, so I took him up to the house, but she didn't own him either.

So I called the police, but since we live in podunk, the animal control officer can't come out, because he only responsds to bites or dangerous animals. The visiting doggie is locked in the studio right now barking his fool head off, because I'm not sure he and Jake can play nicely. They did a little dominance dance that I didn't witness, but I'm not willing to risk anything with the babies asleep, so I'll drive the pretty boy down to the humane society in the morning. I will have to take a picture before we go - he's stunning. White with some brown markings, and glorious eyes. He's friendly and recently shampooed, collar but no tags.

I'd keep him in a heartbeat, but the barking would have to stop ;).

Lots to be thankful for this day. Puppies who are safe and not in the road, even though they bark; health, love, friends; my own glorious pupster and psycho kitties; enough food and warmth. I am not thankful that our new taxes kicked in and I have to come up with an extra $200/mo for our mortgage for the forseeable future. I'm not so sure about that. But I'm thankful for Carrie, and my subscription to The Sun; for technology and email and blogging; for my big comfy bed; for my wonderful husband and kids; for my quiet country road and little piece of heaven (though not for broken lawnmowers and snowblowers); and for the spiritual connections that tie me to those I love and that large interdependent web we're all a part of.

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