Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Naked for Peace

Stolen from The Socinian, I had to post this, because I love it, someone from First Unitarian Church of Rochester is in this video, and it is powerful.


fausto said...

Whaddya know? I am a birthright UU via First U of R, back in the twilight of the David Rhys Williams era when they were about to break ground for the Kahn building. In fact, I'm jumping in the car to head back to Roch for a family Thanksgiving in just a few hours; will be paying reverence to the gifts of the land at the Mother Church (although that would be the Pittsford Wegman's, not F U of R) tomorrow AM.

Kelly KH said...

Have fun at the Starship Weggies, as we call it at my house. I'll be at the Thanksgiving service at 11 and 11:15 on Sunday if you decide to check in!