Thursday, November 6, 2008

What a week

This week has been amazing. (You thought I was going to whine, didnja? Admit it!).

The election was amazing. I am enjoying reading all the wonderful posts of others about their joy at Obama's election. I am so excited to have an articulate, intelligent president, who wants to work with others (preconditions or no!). I can barely stand it. I cannot wait till Jan. 20.

I am doing a student orientation at Colgate Rochester Crozier Divinity School the next two days. I am apprehensive and excited. I can't manage the Meadville Lombard one next week, but must go in October. I haven't gotten my final technical approval of my degree from ESC yet and it's stressing me out but I can't wait to send my new and final transcript to ML and hopefully get an acceptance letter soon so I can start in August for sure.

I met with my ministe today after I had a little freak-out this week. I walked out feeling so much better. I just need to talk to someone who would get it about the joy and anxiety and gifts and burdens of being called to the minstry. We had such a wonderful conversation about a wide range of topics - identity, others' perceptions, church politics, minsterial paths, joy, fear, vulnerability and caring for oneself - it was all very helpful to have her put some things into words for me that I've been struggling with, and that most people just don't understand, much as they might want to.

Much writing is to be done for school over the next three days, but I only have 7 weeks left! I am still struggling with senioritis, but mostly because I am SO enjoying my 4 year old right now! He is still headstrong as hell, but he is so interested in everything! He says the greatest, funnest things, and I totally blow off schoolwork just to listen to him talk to me and ask me questions, and to enjoy his new engagement with the world, and the written word, and to watch his joy in his friends of all ages.

I am also connecting with people - even close friends - on a whole new level. Things are so good. Crises happen, but they don't have to define life.

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