Friday, December 5, 2008

A Good Read and Good News

Peacebang has a great post today. Go check it out.

Oh, (I say that tongue in cheek, as if it's an afterthought!), and I got my acceptance letter to Meadville Lombard today! Sushi and wine for dinner tonight, in celebration.

It sounds trite, but I couldn't stop crying when I got it. I just couldn't believe it really. Me? Going for a masters' degree? In what? Wow. I feel so much gratitude to those who have had everlasting faith in me and supported me over the last 20 years that have led up to this day.

Now, I have to start learning a whole new paradigm. Seminary, the UUA obligations I have to fulfill, internship, etc. I can't wait!


ogre said...


When do you start?

Residential or MRP (or whatever they're calling it now to the disgust of the MRPs)?

Kelly KH said...

MRP, and yes, I noticed it has a different name, and I don't think the acceptance letter has been updated to reflect the upcoming changes, but I'll have to ask Ms. Chavez.

I start 9/09!

ogre said...

ML not being a particularly finicky place about administrivia... I don't imagine they'll be updating it. Not unless there's something that REALLY needs updating (like amount owed)!

So... next year. Keep an eye on the course schedule starting late May... at least into July (if not later) to be sure that you see what's on the docket for January and so that you can sign up for classes before they get filled.

Sue Delaware said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Kelly! Have you decided to go there? Now--graduation is next! When's the graduation party? :-)

Kelly KH said...

Great advice Ogre. thanks. How do they handle distance classes for fall?

Erica -
I have decided to go there, and may take some in-person classes at CRCDS, but have not been called for an interview yet, which surprises me, because I know my file is complete.I'm not sure when actual graduation is; I think in May? But there will be a party!

ogre said...

Kelly, the shift to semesters meant that they scraped everything projecting into the future off... and it'll be rebuilt. Someday. Probably when someone realizes that it's missing, or some student stands there asking "so, are you going to teach this course or not?"

That said... your options between now and then are:
* take courses in person anywhere that MLTS will acknowledge (or will probably do so--such petitioning is apparently not at all uncommon)
* take courses online that (blah, blah...). These would include those from MLTS (only a few at this time, but supposedly there will be more--you can find them on the website under courses), and those from SKSM (of which there are more, currently).
* Take intensives from MLTS that are offered at times other than the January scrum. There was one that was set for late March, but was sucked into January (gravitational pull, I think--it was crushed from a full week intensive to an all-weekend plus Friday evening plus challenges to be named intensive (remaining full credit). I don't know if they've scared up any thing for that time frame... and have doubts. Summer usually means July and August. There are an increasing number of intensives offered at Meadville in July, possibly with the intention of it developing into an analog (or lesser version) of January, as well as courses that are taught at Ferry Beach, ME. I did one each of the above this year. There are also courses that have migrated to wherever it's most convenient; there was a course focused on the Large Church (title escapes me) that was in Dallas last year (I think) and DC this year. Basically, they could be anywhere that it makes sense and is reasonable to gather the students and teacher for a week. The non-January courses are mostly (so far) taught by people like Rev. Rob Hardies, Rev. Bill Schulz (who'll be doning stuff in January now... as well or instead--unclear), Rev. Laura Hallman, etc. But David Bumbaugh will (or was going to--and I suspect still is, but it's not on the schedule that far out now) teach one at ferry Beach this next summer, so...

That's one of the things I'm sure the MRP students will be asking about next (gulp) month so that we can plan the rest of the year.

You'll need to check with Erika Chavez about whether you will need to get them to admit you as a student at large for anything before Sept... but if you get a student number I don't think that it will matter. And that's the sort of thing that the administration ought to be able to jimmy easily for you.

Annalise said...

Congrats Kelly! That's a wonderful achievement!!

Kelly KH said...

Thanks Annalise!

ogre, it sounds somewhat intimidating. I guess I thought there would be more independent and/or online learning options through ML. I can maybe take a class at a time locally, though I haven't yet been offered an interview (which is starting to worry me a bit), but I'm hoping to the bulk of my work through ML. It sounds like they are going to offer shorter intensives more often too.

ogre said...


Independent projects can be done. I haven't--yet. I have had one opportunity to take up one, but it didn't jibe with my schedule and I had to let it go.