Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, Little Monkey!

Lucy is two today. (I TWO!!)

I alternately can't believe that the time went so fast, and that there is so much I've already forgotten about the last two years.

Two years ago, I was resting and probably eating something yummy after 8 hours of labor at home. She shot out like the proverbial cannonball, making the transition and pushing stage non-existent. She's still kind of like that!

She teaches me about joy and laughter every single day. She is funny, talks a LOT, and is compassionate and sweet. She loves sleeping with her big brother and we find them snuggled up in the wee hours, with her hand crept up inside his pajama top to touch skin, as they lay tangled together. He is kinder to her than anyone. She is considerate and caring when he gets a bump. They laugh like hyenas at everything together. They are the best of friends and run (I runnin'!!) around like crazy people all day long, laughing and screaming (Rawwwwwr!) (Savages!! Savages! (no, I have no idea)) and experiencing life. (We will run together!! says Jude) (Get 'im! grins Lucy) (until she says, "Leave me 'LONE Jude!)

Two is such a fun age! (one, two, FREEEE!)

I am so very blessed.

They know how to show up for life!

(I'm not goin'!) to bed of course.


beanjeepin said...

Happy birthday!!

David G. Markham said...

Hi Kelly:

Happy birthday to Lucy!

My wife and I had nine kids and I now have 12 grandchildren. Having my children was the best thing I ever did.

All the best to you and your family,

David Markham

Kelly KH said...

Thanks! Yes, having kids has been the most transformative event in my life!

karencath said...

Hi Kelly
Happy Birthday to Lucy... can't believe she's so big!
Love, Karen

Sue Delaware said...

Happy, happy to Lucy, Kelly!