Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Solstice cheer is fading

The day started out great, with Soren and I headed to church and speaking at both services about how the Greater Good project has impacted our lives. The rest of the service was phenomenal, and made my newly-trying-on-that-cool-cynical-attitude daughter cry, which made the snowy drive worth every mile.

The girls came home early from their dad's so we wouldn't have to drive in more snow later, and everyone went outside sledding and snowshoeing. (I let Jude open his snowshoes from my mom today for Solstice, because, well...there's a LOT of snow!).

After all the drama of getting coats and hats and mittens and snowshoes on, and sleds out, it felt like they were outside for about 30 seconds. Lucy hated the sled. Jude needed dry gloves. Emma and Soren came inside fighting and yelling at each other. I'm exhausted!

I'm ready for turning off the lights, lighing some candles and enjoying some quiet enjoyment of the dark.

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