Thursday, December 18, 2008

Promised Pictures

Jakob is hoping against hope that someone will drop some cake. It's a party right?

Soren, very happy to win 6th place all around, in the 10 year old division.

Decorating the huge Christmas/Solstice tree. The first time we cut down a tree, Emma cried. This year we planned on getting a potted plant and Emma thought they were too puny. See what 10 years does to you?

Lucy's 2nd birthday party. She really loved being able to open her presents! Soren made her a purse, and put money, a necklace, and a stuffed dog in it.

The Lilac Children's Garden Solstice spiral. I felt blessed to be able to get my inner bowl filled with light.

Before caroling at the nursing home. I love that they have the same goofy grin!

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