Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend musing

I had a busy weekend. We put up our tree; the largest tree I've ever had! The kids love having a tree; me, not so much. It's already dropping needles, adding lots of work to my already overwhelming vacuuming chores, but it does look pretty, and will be nice when I get the presents around it!

Yesterday was crazy. Got the kids out to door for church, and then had a negative interaction with two people over the speaker in the lobby not working and spent most of the service and afterwards in tears. I couldn't figure out why I was so upset, but then I realized that it takes me a lot of effort to get everyone to church, and then when I wasn't able to listen to the sermon when Lucy got too restless for the sanctuary, and did not get the kind of radical hospitality I would like to think I would offer to help someone get what they needed from church (AND got nastily shushed by someone else even though I was whispering and the other person wasn't, it just drove home for me how much I need that hour of worship and community. Radical hospitality: everyone should take the workshop.

Anyway, then off to tree trimming party in a child-free house, with child-friendly people, but lots of breakables. I left Tom on his own after an hour to take Soren to her gymnastics meet. She took 6th place all around and placed on 3 events. She was very pleased with herself and made a lot of improvement since the last meet 3 weeks ago.

Lots of cleaning today - wish I could find a way to make it a pleasant duty, or meditative, but I pretty much am just bored by it.

Then another call from my mom. She went home yesterday but had to be readmitted today with fluid in her lungs and still no exact reports from pathology about her surgery. Lung disease, unspecified. They're sending the tissue to Hershey Medical Center, so maybe results later this week.

Wellspring tonight. Thank goodness. A respite. More to write, no time. Off to the races!

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