Thursday, April 9, 2009


We have been busy; all the end of year activities, plays, performances, potlucks, etc., with no end in sight until the first of June. We're also working on end of year homeschooling testing, which stresses out my oldest daughter to no end.

The house is not in the condition I'd like it to be, and today was to be a catch up day, but I wanted to spend the day researching vacuum cleaners and cell phone plans, because both need to be replaced soon. That took a lot longer than I anticipated, plus I had a lovely conversation with the girls' dad...and then my hard drive died. Just like that. It made a weird sound, everything locked up and now it is not recognized by my laptop.

It has my sermon for Sunday on it and hasn't been backed up since I wrote it. I have a print out, but I had the whole Order of Service w/ the sermon in one document and was going to print it out today.

Ex-dh is going to look at it for me, but I am not feeling hopeful about it.



ogre said...

Been there--lost two weeks work. That's the only time I've allowed myself to be pissed off... at anyone other than myself... about such things. I try to remember to back up (and don't, often enough!), and flash drives are a godsend. Take "Seminary Stuff" file and drop onto flash drive, click "yes" to replace existing save on flash drive.

Ditto for "Sermons"

Ditto for a couple others.

And yes, if I were going to be really careful, I'd be on a really regular (daily) schedule and I'd rotate a couple flash drives and ALWAYS check that I could read the most recent one before overwriting the not-currentest one.

All that said, my sympathies. That sort of thing is just annoying and frustrating as hell. My optical drive doesn't like to work, and that's a pain in the butt too.

ogre said...

Oh, it didn't hit me until I posted, but the word verification for that post was priceless: "upcric"