Saturday, April 18, 2009

Youth Spiritual Development

My oldest daughter is 13, and she's interested in Buddhism. This isn't something that is covered in the You the Creator curriculum that she's taking this year, and next year, she has OWL. She's too young for youth group.

I asked her a couple of months ago if our church was meeting her spiritual needs. It seems like an important thing to ask, given that it meets mine pretty darn well.

I called my minister, and explained my problem. We have three Buddhism Soul Matters groups, but they are all adult groups. So I have an appointment to meet with the other minister who organizes Soul Matters groups to see if one might be willing to take her on. She's OK with it, but the ministers realize now that if one kid is asking, there might be more who aren't getting their spiritual needs met by Sunday School.

I'll keep you posted as to what happens; I'm excited about some new opportunities for our kids!


Sarah said...

Oh, I'm excited to read this! M came home from Sunday School a few weeks ago saying that they mentioned "God" many times during that particular class in a context that made her uncomfortable. I think it would be great if she could see the breadth of inclusion that exists in UU.

Kelly KH said...

Sarah, remind me; is she in Moral Tales? I think next year, with the rotational model, will be quite different. I'd be interested to know what their lesson was last week and what made her uncomfortable about it. I used to be uncomfortable myself at some of the curriculum, but as I have learned more about UU history and tradition, and realized that it is helpful for my kids to have a cultural awareness of God and Christian faith, I have made a big about face.

I'd love to talk about it in person!