Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Day of Rest

..not for me though.
Move along if whinging isn't your thing.

Thursday night: Lucy woke crying at midnight. Little sleep ensued the rest of the night. She awoke with a head cold.

Friday night: Homeschool prom. Waited up for all the news. Then hubby and I watched the season finale (I think?) of Heroes.

Saturday night: Jude woke crying at 11:00 p.m. The aforementioned head cold appears to have been passed on to him. He couldn't breathe all night despite Mucinex and being in our bed...hubby and I are sleep deprived.

Sunday morning: RE Sunday. An exercise in frustration for me. The 3s and 4s did the chalice lighting and did it well; however they acted like...well, like 3 and 4 year olds after that, climbing on the stage, talking, dancing. I was not really in the mood and ended up escorting a group of them back to the classroom midway through the service, missing my oldest daughter's class. One of the kids' parents could have been a little more helpful.

There was to be a teacher appreciation reception in the lounge, but it was mobbed by kids and adults of every size and shape; most of them not teachers at all. Last year it was more of a luncheon in a private room. Maybe the budget constraints were the reason, but frankly, I didn't feel appreciated, just lost in the shuffle of a typical post-service coffee hour.

I don't usually complain about such things, but I am tired and cranky. The kids are fitfully napping next to me; coughing, sneezing and sniffling.

I would like to nap, but still need a real lunch, and then I need to mow the front lawn and run the weed whacker around the yard. The parts for our mower should be here tomorrow, but it won't be fixed till Wednesday probably; I'll most likely have to hire someone again for the third week in a row. Doesn't anyone want to donate a brand new riding mower to my household? This whole lawn thing is way too stressful. I just want the damn thing to work for more than one mowing.

Man, do I ever want a nap. And yet, I still have an hour and a half of driving to do this evening to get the girls home tonight. I think I'll be asleep by 9:30 tomorrow; better be, as it's an early rising Monday so I can get to work by 8.

On the upside, the sun's out, and hubster is working on the chicken tractor. My vegetables are thriving in pots, preparing to be planted. My kids are cool and wonderful (and my 2 yo was better behaved in church than the older kids she was thrown in with). And I've got a lot to be thankful for (even though I have stress about mowing the thing, I do have a fabulous yard that I occasionally get to enjoy).

Off to the races.

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