Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Community Building

First off, the daily walking has been lovely. Jakob and I have heard birds, seen blue jays, and explored a field. We saw the shadow of a leaf as it fell to the ground, and noticed that there were a lot more leaves on the ground today. 3/4 of the kids and I went to pick apples today and I hope to make applesauce tomorrow morning and can it. Jakob sat in the car and was entertained by the chickens at the farm.

In other news, more cheerleading drama. I am frustrated with the lack of consistency with discipline problems, but found out that my email to the person in charge never made it to her, so have been having productive discussions since then. I believe very strongly in the board of directors and in their commitment to creating a good experience for the kids. I am mostly upset that the kids see disrespect (like flipping off the coach) and no consequences. It doesn't teach values, it doesn't teach discipline, it doesn't teach good sportsmanship...I could go on. It's nothing personal about a kid, I like them all. But this is not what I signed up for my kid to see as acceptable behavior. The board was unaware of much of it and are now on the ball, I hope.

They asked me to head up some gymnastics classes so they know I'm committed to community...and now they know that I'm willing to stand by my words as well - I will help within my limited resources (the little kids) as much as possible.

And just a note, Monday, 9/29, was a very special day for my oldest daughter. Congratulations Emma. You are a woman of note.

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