Thursday, October 16, 2008

Religion and Civil Society

I've been doing some heavy reading for my comparative politics class on Christianity and civil society. We're discussing whether the "church" should be part of civil society or outside of it, in the traditional demarcation between state and civil society.

It's been really interesting to read the different theories -St. Augustine, Lutheranism, Protestant, and more. How is it that I grew up Catholic and never had any inkling of all this heavy political and social theory that goes on behind the scenes? How can I have gotten to this point in my life without having thought more about these connections and relationships?

Clearly, both my theological teachers and my public school teachers in civics failed me desperately. I mean, this stuff can be hard to read and understand - it's all very theoretical, but it's fascinating and cogent to everyday living. We take on Islam and Confuscianism over the rest of the semester. I can't wait!

It also is finally explaining my attraction to the UU church. This whole dichotomy between heirarchy and covenant is making so much more sense.

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