Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Next Wellspring session is on prayer. This week we talked about our spiritual histories, and as I was writing mine down, I found that my memory of praying was of a very selfish kind of prayer - help me out here! Fix this problem! I promise to be good if you ...!

In the church's newsletter, perhaps coincidentally, perhaps not, the minister's message is also on prayer this week. I have been thinking about the lack of prayer in my life, and how I could change my paradigm to make it a more powerful and positive connection to the universe - not just a plea.

This morning, I prayed while I did my meditative walking. I prayed by allowing myself to be open to the universe, and to what it might bring me, and that I was going to try to keep doors open and be available to the joys and sorrows of life as they come.

I posted yesterday that I was struggling and that money is a big issue. Today I got an unexpected windfall that will cover my back bills, get me in the red, and maybe even save some toward my career assessment for divinity school.

Coincidence? Maybe...but that's why I call myself a mystical humanist.


Kari said...

Hallelujah! I'm singin' for you sister!! Happy money!

And I really think that prayer is almost always "please" or "thank you"

and really, that's OK.

Kelly KH said...

Thanks Kari. I agree with you..and am not sure how comfortable I am with praying, but what that has to do with my past experience probably has a lot to do with it. I need to put myself squarely in a new paradigm for it, as I continue to evolve and clarify my beliefs.